Community Corrections

What We Do
Community Corrections provide our local communities with a cost effective means of public safety. This is achieved through highly structured community supervision, balanced offender accountability and improving the offender’s ability to be a productive community member. The agency supervises adult and juvenile felony level offenders for Riley and Clay counties that have been ordered supervision by the Courts. On average we supervise 200 adult and juvenile felony offenders at a time.


  • Adult Services - Supervises clients (18 years of age and older) who have been ordered to intensive supervised probation.
  • Juvenile Intake and Assessment - Conducts intake and assessments on juvenile offenders and/or children in need of care who are brought into custody by law enforcement. On average, we provide intake services to approximately 30 youth per month.
  • Juvenile Intensive Supervision - Provides highly structured community supervision to offenders who have previously failed in traditional court service probation or have committed a serious offense but do not yet need an out-of-home or juvenile correctional facility placement.
  • Juvenile Services - Provides services for youth (0 to 17 years of age) by offering local programs.
  • Juvenile Offender Case Management - Provides services to those youth that have exhausted all community resources and are unable to be successful in their current environment which have been ordered by a judge into the custody of the Department of Corrections Juvenile Services.
  • Youth Court - Provides early intervention to juveniles with low level offenses by directing juvenile offenders away from the formal court system, while holding them accountable. Typically those that are referred to Youth Court are first time misdemeanor offenses.