Current Construction Projects

Casement Ditch Outfall Structure
Jueneman Excavating awarded the bid for the grading phase. Scheduled start  date of February 20th.  Concrete phase will be bid soon.

Lakeside Heights Sewer & University Park Water Expansion
Josh Connet Excavating, LLC project is under construction.

Polymer Concrete Overlay Contract
Awarded to Bettis Construction Company. Work begins Summer 2015.

Daniels Drive Bridge Replacement
Easements have been obtained. Construction to begin in Summer of 2015.  Project to let on February 26th.

South 32nd Street Culvert Deck Replacement
Completed and open to traffic.

Frog Holler Culvert Replacement
Project completed.

Future Construction Projects

  • South 32nd Street Bridge Replacement - Located near the intersection of S. 32nd and W. 61st Street. Temporary crossing has been installed. New Bridge construction to begin Spring / Summer 2015.
  • 5 Precast Boxes Constructed - To be placed at the following locations: Rock Springs Lane, Silver Spur Road, Homestead Road, L K & W Road and N. 52nd St
  • Green Randolph Bridge Replacement - Located approximately 7 miles west of Highway 77 on Green Randolph Road.  Project is under design.
  • Green Randolph Road Culvert Replacement - Located approximately 3.5 miles west of Highway 77 on Green Randolph Road. Under design.
  • McDowell Creek Road Reconstruction - On McDowell Creek Road to include first 3 miles south off of Highway 177. Under design with construction scheduled for Spring of 2015.
  • N. 52nd Culvert Replacement - Located approximately 1 mile west of Highway 24 on N. 52nd Road. Under design.
  • W. 54th Avenue Culvert Replacement - Located approximately 3/4 mile east of Wildcat Creek Road on W. 54th Avenue. Under design.