Riley County Courts and Law

District Court - Riley and Clay counties make up the 21st Judicial District. There are three district court judges and one district magistrate judge. The chief judge, in addition to his judicial responsibilities, has general control over the assignment of cases within the district and general supervisory authority over the administrative functions of the court.

Riley County Attorney's Office - The Riley County Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting criminal and traffic offenses which occur within Riley County with the exception of city ordinance violations, which are typically handled through the Municipal Court for the City of Manhattan.

Riley County Police Department - The RCPD handles law enforcement in City of Manhattan as well as Riley County. 

Riley County Counselor - The role of the County Counselor is varied, in that the County Counselor works closely with the Board of County Commissioners as well as other departments on matters related to road vacations, benefit districts, fence viewing and other legal issues within the county structure.

Riley County Community Corrections - Riley County Community Corrections currently operates as two separate components. They are Adult Services (Riley/Clay) and Juvenile Services (Riley/Clay), and they provide direct community-based services.