How much will I pay to ride the ATA Bus Fixed Route?
Adults $1.00
Youth 6-18 $.50
KSU Students, Faculty and Staff with current ID Free point to point from KSU Foundation, KSU Union and Edwards Hall
Seniors, Disabled and low income may apply for half fare discount card by completing the half fare application
Children 6 and under Free with adult
Personal Care Attendants Free
Monthly Pass provides unlimited rides during the month indicated on the pass $30.00

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1. How much will I pay to ride the ATA Bus Fixed Route?
2. Do you offer services for citizens of Riley County that do not live in Manhattan?
3. How far in advance do I need to schedule a Demand Response ride?
4. How many vehicles are available for rides?
5. What hours does the ATA Bus operate?
6. Where does the funding for the ATA Bus come from?
7. What Regional Services does ATA bus provide?
8. What if I don't live near the fixed routes?
9. What if I am mobility impaired and can not get to the bus stop?
10. What is the fare for demand response trips?