Native Grass Drill Rentals

The Truax-a truly versatile drill...

Truax Grass Drills are specifically designed to plant prairie grass seeds--debearded, fluffy or slick--dependably, efficiently and under the most extreme conditions without bridging or clogging.

$$$ Save Money $$$

If your agricultural drill uses 10-15 pounds of seed per acre to produce a full stand, the Truax will produce the same stand with only 4 to 6 pounds of seed. You get the same great results with the fluffy bluestems, Indian grass and gramas.

The oversize construction of the transitions and seed tubes provide unrestricted passageways and the seeds are uniformly covered with the right amount of soil to ensure proper germination and growth.

Safety Note:

DO NOT operate drills with lids open.

Truax Grass Drill #812 & Trailer

12 rows, 8" spacing (plants 8 feet) overall 10 feet
Warm season boxes-small grain box inoperable
Uses 2" ball
Rental Rate: $8 per acre; minimum fee $15