Military and Taxation

Being Active Duty and not having Kansas as your home of record, allows you to be exempt from paying personal property tax in the state.

Military Exemption by Federal law:

  • The individual does not claim Kansas as his/her permanent resident state with the military;
  • The individual's name is shown on the title as the legal owner of the vehicle(s);
  • The individual is the full-time regular military service of the United States;
  • The individual is absent from his/her permanent resident state in compliance of military orders and the personal property is located outside the permanent resident state; and
  • The personal property is not used in or arising from a trade or business.

We do request that you fill out a military affidavit (pdf) at the time of reporting your personal property. We also ask that you provide a copy of your LES for proof of Home of Record. Please contact the Appraiser's Office with any questions at 785-537-6310.