Personal Property Statement

An important piece of paper in the Appraiser's Office is the Ad Valorem Tax Return also referred to as a Statement of Personal Property. This form is very similar to the Notice of Value.

The Personal Property Statement:

  1. Should be received by the taxpayer at the end of December or right after January 1.
  2. Verify ownership and location of personal property as of January 1 of the forthcoming taxable year.
  3. The taxpayer should review the information listed on personal property statement. If any items have been sold or purchased, the taxpayer should make those notations on this page. The Appraiser's Office needs a copy of a bill of sale or something in writing stating who now owns the property or who the property was purchased from.
  4. Verity that the mailing address, phone number and location address of property is correct.
  5. Sign, date and return the personal property statement by March 15.

If this form is not returned to the Appraiser's Office by March 15 late filing penalties will be applied.