Solid Waste Management Committee


Representatives from the City of Manhattan

  • Betty Book
  • Josh Brewer
  • Casey Smithson
  • Judy Willingham
  • Adrian Self

Representative from Third Class Cities

  • David Shover

Representative from the Unincorporated area of Riley County

  • Dennis Peterson

Recycling Coordinator

  • Amanda Smeller

Representative from the General Public

  • William Spiegel

Representative from Citizen Organization

  • Fran Zerby

Representative from Private Industry

  • Charly Pottorff

Representative from Private Solid Waste Management Industry

  • David Kreller

Representative from Private Recycling or Scrap Material Processing Industry

  • Greg Wilson

Members At Large

  • Steve Galitzer
  • Kathryn Focke
  • John Ellermann
  • Perry Piper
  • Gary Rosewicz
  • Michael Boller