About Us


The mission of the Riley County Historical Museum is to:

  • educate the public on the history of Riley County and the role of Riley County in our State, Country, and the World
  • administer the collection of the Riley County Historical Society by collecting, preserving, studying, and displaying objects, records, and information of historical value
  • stand as a Department of Riley County Government, advocating and supporting historic preservation in all forms
  • promoting an interest in and awareness of our local heritage for the benefit of the county


The Riley County Historical Museum staff consists of four museum professionals:

  • Cheryl Collins (Director)
  • Linda Glasgow (Curator of Archives and Library)
  • Dawn Munger (Curator of Collections-Registrar)
  • Allana Saenger-Parker (Curator of Design)

The staff also includes part-time employees who cover weekend hours and assist with collections, tours, education programs, cleaning, and with exhibits. In addition to paid employees, over 100 volunteers donate over 1,000 hours annually.

Through the years more that 100 unpaid student interns from a variety of majors and from over ten different colleges and universities, have worked at the Riley County Historical Museum and associated properties.