Information Technology/Geographic Information Systems

What we do...

The Information Technology/Geographic Information Systems (IT/GIS) Department consists of a team of 9 full-time employees. The IT/GIS Department is managed by a Director and Assistant Director and includes a Network Administrator, Systems Analyst/Administrator, Senior GIS Analyst, GIS Analyst, GIS Specialist, IT Specialist, and IT Technician.

The IT/GIS Department supports approximately 270 employees in 21 departments, spread over 13 different building locations and is responsible for planning, evaluating, implementing, and supporting all:

  • technology hardware and software
  • services
  • projects
  • security
  • telecommunications
  • infrastructure
  • future technologies

As well as:

  • recording information describing parcel boundaries, subdivisions, county streets and addresses, as well as other layers of information
  • overseeing the acquisition of aerial photography

We provide access to nearly all of the information collected by the department through the Community GIS Website and a password-protected FTP (download) site. The mapping website and mapping products contain detailed parcel information used by all levels of Riley County businesses and government.

Our GIS is, by definition, a “system” using the points, lines, and shapes on a map to provide an approximation of the objects, patterns, and other, observable phenomena occurring in the real world. The map is simply one part of that system. A GIS stores information, just as other databases, and maps are used to organize and access the same information using a familiar context such as location.

Riley County utilizes its local and wide area networks to complete tasks faster and more accurately utilizing less staff. We work closely with the State of Kansas on all state mandated projects, as well as data sharing for taxes, elections, court information, etc.

It is the goal of the Riley County IT/GIS Department to plan, evaluate, implement, and support the information needs of Riley County, providing employees with the best tools to do their job and provide services to Riley County citizens. We strive to accomplish this goal while balancing Riley County’s reliable and available information needs with the most cost effective and secure strategies. We do this in accordance with the mission statement of Riley County. The efforts of the IT/GIS Department result in a 99% reliability rating for network and internet connections.