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Riley County Fire District #1 is looking for new members to join our family. 

Do you want to be a part of a new rewarding challenge full of passion, tradition, and a benefit to your Community? Regardless of your experience in public service or your background, if you are interested in a rewarding volunteer opportunity, we would like to talk to you. 

The lives and property of the people in our communities often depend on you. The training you receive will help you develop the valuable skills and knowledge necessary to be successful.

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Apply online or stop by our main office at 115 North 4th Street (2nd floor) in Manhattan Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm.

Included Benefits & Coverage:

  • Paid stipend for members while responding to emergencies
  • $30,000 life insurance policy 24/7/365 on or off duty
  • $60,000 life insurance policy for accidents on or off duty
  • $90,000 life insurance policy for Line of Duty Deaths
  • Workers Compensation
  • Additional Accident & Sickness Coverage
  • Earned Annuity through the Kansas Firefighters Relief Association after 20 years of active service in good standing

Ways to Serve

Did you know that there are multiple ways to serve your local community and neighborhood by joining RCFD#1? 

We are currently recruiting the following positions:

  • Firefighter- Active members who engage in emergency responses, fire suppression activities, and other physically demanding tasks
  • Fire Apparatus Operator- Active members who engage in emergency responses, operate fire apparatus and pumps, and haul water and equipment to incidents
  • Medical Responder- Active members who treat and provide patient care during medical emergencies. Must be KSBEMS Certified EMR, EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic.
  • Support Staff- Active community volunteers who make a real difference. Support Staff members serve in non-emergency duties that further the community and mission of RCFD#1.
    • Examples include: rehab for firefighters during a fire, prevention and life safety education, installing smoke detectors, fire photography, maintenance, and other duties.
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Learn More

Volunteering Can Make a Difference in Your Community and Will Change Your Life! 

Did you know that almost 80% of firefighters in the United States are volunteers just like you? Without our dedicated volunteers, more than 30,000 residents of Riley County would face a much greater tax burden to employ and outfit full-time Firefighters and EMS Responders, or otherwise be without emergency protection.

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Are you considering joining but aren't sure? Ask a firefighter about the many roles and benefits of being part of our family.

We're excited to visit with you.

115 N. 4th Street, 2nd Floor
Manhattan, KS 66502

Phone: 785-537-6333

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