Register of Deeds

What we do...

Most people know that the Register of Deeds office is responsible for the filing of deeds, but did you know that the Register of Deeds office also records numerous other types of documents? The Register of Deeds office is the place where all transactions having to do with land, including most liens and mortgages, are recorded and maintained so that the public is made aware of their existence. Also found in the Register of Deeds office, are the records that were once the property of the County Superintendent of Schools. School records are used to provide name and age information for social security purposes and to certify early teaching records. Military discharge records are also recorded in the deeds office. Military discharges are the only documents recorded in the office that are NOT considered open records.

The Register of Deeds office is the cornerstone of financing local government operations. Determining the ownership of real property is essential to the tax assessment function. Each record must accurately reflect the status of each individual tract of land. Other organizations, local government departments and individuals depend upon the accuracy of the information provided to them by the Register of Deeds office. In 2018 the Register of Deeds office generated $717,660 in revenue for Riley County, recording 6,700 documents.