Riley County Emergency Medical Service, located in Manhattan, Kansas, is a Type I level of care agency. Services are licensed as Type I only if they can provide paramedic level advanced life support 24 hours a day. Other services are considered Type II and Type IIa (ALS staff, not 24/7). We are the primary providers of Emergency Medical Services for all of Riley County, as well as the southwestern corner of Pottawatomie County (Blue Township).

  1. Staff
  2. Call Volume
  3. Shift Structure
  4. Facilities
  5. Special Outreaches
  • 30 Full Time Employees (Paramedics, AEMTs, EMTs)
  • Manhattan Fire Department provides first response in the City of Manhattan
  • 20 Part Time Employees (Paramedics, AEMTs, EMTs)
  • Riley County Fire Department provides first response in their fire districts