Reuse Shelves

You are welcome to come to our facility at 6245 Tuttle Creek Blvd. to shop our reuse shelves for free!

Reuse Shelves

So, what can you GET from our reuse shelves??

Well, we always seem to have plenty of paint and stains and sometimes we have sunscreen, shoe cleaner, bug spray, oven cleaner, and all kinds of other goodies!! Just stop out whenever you’d like, as you never know what you might come across that you can use. Sometimes the shelves are not so full, and sometimes they are packed, it just depends on what the public brings to us that can be safely put out on the reuse shelf! We do ask that people limit themselves to 5 items per visit so there is plenty of free stuff to go around!

And, for all of those containers of good paint that come in from the public, here is what we do with them: Oil Based paint is disposed of properly by our staff, but if the paint is LATEX and in a container that is still fairly full, we end up putting a DOT of COLOR on the top of the can, so you can easily select it from our reuse shelf. For the latex paint containers that are not full, we end up dumping that paint into a 55 gallon barrel, mixing it up, and have our own COLORS to select from. Once the 55 gallon barrel is mixed up, we then package it into 4 gallon containers that people select from when they need A LOT of paint. We do have a limit of 16 gallons of paint that you can take, but that is more than enough to paint your home, outbuilding, etc.

The following pictures show the recycled paint process.

There have been 27,610 gallons of paint mixed since this program started years ago!!