Riley County Government Representatives

Historical List of Elected Officials

Records date back to 1855.

Your Current County Elected Officials

County Commissioners

  • John Ford: Represents District 1: Elected in November 2018
  • Greg McKinley: Represents District 2: Elected in November 2020
  • Kathryn Focke: Represents District 3: Elected in November 2020

County Attorney 

  • Barry Wilkerson: Elected in November 2004

County Clerk 

  • Rich Vargo: Elected in November 1996

County Treasurer 

  • Shilo Heger: appointed to replace R. Eileen King- retired Aug 1, 2014, Elected November 2016

County Register of Deeds 

  • Amy Manges: Elected in November 2020

City Governments- Elected November 2021

Township Boards

Clerks Elected November 2018

Treasurers and Trustees Elected November 2020

Precinct Officers-Elected Primary August 2022

Precinct Officer list is also updated to include 2020 Write-In Winners and Precinct Appointments made by local Party Chairs.

Improvement Districts- Elected November 2021

School Boards- Elected in November 2021

Your Current State Elected Officials