Motor Vehicle Escrow Program

Program Description

The Riley County Treasurer's office is now offering a way to pay for your vehicle registration over time. The Motor Vehicle Escrow program allows citizens to set up an account and make payments over time. When your car tags come due we will then use the money in the escrow account to pay for your transaction. It is very easy to get set up and the program is flexible to fit the needs of each individual customer. The escrow program can also be used by dealerships, banks, and loan companies that frequently have transactions in our office.

How the Program Works

  • Contact our office to get an estimate of your registration amount or determine your own amount
  • Choose a payment method
  • Use the funds to pay for your renewal or title transaction

Payment Methods

We offer two ways to fund your escrow account:

  • Pay by check - either by mail or in the office
  • Pay by bank draft - your payment will be deducted from a checking or savings account on the 10th of each month