County Counselor and Administrative Services

County Counselor


The role of the County Counselor is varied, in that the County Counselor works closely with the Board of County Commissioners as well as other departments on matters related to road vacations, benefit districts, fence viewing and other legal issues within the county structure.

The County Counselor's office is also responsible for the preparation of delinquent real estate tax foreclosure sales. These auctions are done on a regular basis.

Administrative Services 

What We Do

The Administrative Services office consists of the County Counselor’s office. It provides legal counsel to the Board of Commissioners and County Department Heads. Administrative Services gives advice and direction to the Board of Commissioners on all areas of county government as needed and requested by the Board of Commissioners.

The department is also involved in county human resources matters, handling citizen complaints and may be asked to perform other responsibilities as requested by the Board of Commissioners.


  • County Counselor: Clancy Holeman
  • Deputy County Counselor: Shelley Woodard
  • Office Manager: Jana Chingway
  • Legal Assistant: Shannon Sterling