Insufficient Funds Check

Steps to Take if an Insufficient Funds Check is Received

  1. Don't take a check without sufficient identification.
  2. Prepare a letter to the offender. The letter should state the amount of the check, the amount of the service charge and that the offender has 7 days in which to make the check good or it will be presented to the Riley County Attorney's Office.
  3. The letter should be sent to the offender by certified mail, return receipt requested. Only send the letter to the person who wrote the check. Be sure to send it to the most recent address written on the check.
  4. Whether or not the offender receives the letter, if payment is not received after 7 days, the victim should bring the following items to the Riley County Attorney's Office as soon as possible:
    • The check. Payee's name must be filled in.
    • A copy of the letter which was sent to the offender and the receipt or the unopened letter with the receipt attached.
    • Completed Check Affidavit