Sale of Property Environmental Evaluations

Sale of Property Containing a Private Wastewater Disposal System and/or Water Well

An environmental evaluation is often requested upon a sale of property.  An environmental evaluation is an inspection of the existing private water and private wastewater disposal system and verification of connection to a public water and/or public wastewater system serving a property.  The evaluation may involve well sampling, the functional components of the system, lot site conditions, and a historical file review.

To initiate the evaluation process, a completed Environmental Evaluation Application(pdf), signed by the property owner, and fee (pdf) shall be submitted to the Riley County Planning & Development office. The Environmental Health Specialist will then contact the seller or representative to set a time and date for the inspection. The seller or a representative of the property must be available to provide access to the house so the Environmental Health Specialist can complete the evaluation. 

Any evaluation provided shall not constitute nor be deemed a warranty, and neither Riley County nor any official of the County shall be held liable for claims arising out of the evaluation.  Upon completion of the evaluation a written report will be issued.  

Other Environmental Evaluations

An environmental evaluation may also be requested at any time by the property owner for any reason other than sale of property.