Standard System

Prior to the installation of a standard private wastewater disposal system (“standard system”), the property owner or the licensed installer shall submit a completed Wastewater System with Standard Field Application (pdf) and fee (pdf). The specifications regarding the size and installation requirements for the standard system will be provided to the licensed installer.

A standard system will typically consist of three parts, the  two-compartment septic tank, the filter, and the soil absorption area (lateral field). The septic tank receives and provides primary treatment for the raw sewage. The filter is designed to remove solids before entering the soil absorption area. The soil absorption area provides treatment of the remaining wastewater from the septic tank. 

Septic tanks shall be pumped and inspected by a licensed hauler (pdf) a minimum of every five (5) years to verify the tees are in place and the tank has not deteriorated. The hauler submits a pumping report (pdf) of every tank pumped to Environmental Health. If the tank is no longer structurally sound or is not watertight, it must be replaced.