Severe Weather and Health Hazards

Boil Water Advisories and Orders 

Boil advisories and orders can be issued for a number of reasons, including due to power outages after severe weather like flooding and thunderstorms. Advisories and orders are issued when drinking water may have been contaminated by viruses, bacteria, or other organisms that make you sick. For more information, including answers to frequently asked questions, please download the Boil Water Advisories and Orders Fact Sheet (pdf). Please visit the Riley County Environmental Health page for specific information on water systems, testing, and treatment. 

Extreme Heat

Extreme heat is defined as temperatures that are hotter and or more humid than average.

Extreme heat and heat-related illnesses are preventable, and include heat exhaustion, or heat stroke 

Learn how to Beat the Heat (pdf) 


Floods can have dramatic effects on your health and your home. For more information on preparing for a flood, floodwater safety, returning home, and how to stay healthy during flooding visit our flood page. 

Severe Storms and Tornadoes

Severe storms, including thunderstorms, lightning strikes, and tornadoes can lead to property damage and negatively impact your health. Visit our threat specific pages for more information on severe storms and tornadoes. 


A wildfire is an unplanned fire that burns in a natural area, this includes grasslands and prairies. Make sure your home is ready for a wildfire (PDF). For information on wildfires, visit . To learn more about burn permits in Riley County, visit Riley County Emergency Management's webpage

Winter Weather 

Winter storms and extreme cold weather can negatively impact your health. For more information on preparing for winter weather, see our winter weather page

Stay Warm. Stay Informed. 

Emergency Notifications 

Being aware of your surroundings is a vital part of emergency preparedness; situational awareness at the county level includes the emergency notification system, Everbridge. Everbridge allows residents to opt-in and be alerted about emergencies that may affect your health and safety, including severe weather.