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Get 50% Off Your First Fare Purchase!

ATA Bus is pleased to offer a mobile payment app for all bus services, making ATA Bus ticket purchases more user-friendly and convenient for riders.

Bus Passes Anytime, Anywhere

The mobile payment option, available through Token Transit, is an easy-to-use mobile app for riders to purchase bus fares using smartphones or other Mobile devices.  The app displays a digital pass on the phone's screen, eliminating the need for a paper pass or cash. Customers can download the Token Transit app available for Apple & Android smart phones and purchase passes at their convenience.

How Do I Use Token Transit?

Once the customer account is set up with a credit or debit card, riders can select the fare type they would like to purchase. When ready to ride, customers tap the pass to activate, and show the driver their digital ticket and any required identification for discounted passes. All bus passes and fares will still remain available for cash or check purchase at the various locations throughout the Flint Hills and at ATA Bus, located at 5815 Marlatt Avenue, Manhattan, KS 66503.

If you have any questions please reach out to Token Transit via text message at (415) 918-6628 or by email: [email protected] 

Please Note: In order to use the Token Transit App on your cell phone you must have a data accessible cell phone and data plan. The majority of government benefit issued phones or mobile devices provided as a form of transitional assistance are not able to run data based applications without access to a Wi-Fi network, as they are not subscribed to a data plan. Please contact your cell phone issuer or provider for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (pdf)