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Jury Duty Information

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Special (COVID-19) note: A juror’s safety and well-being are important to the Court.  The State and County no longer require certain restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Unlike most other buildings, many people are required to come to the courthouse, rather than choosing to do so.  Accordingly, the Court, in consultation with the County Health Department, continues to utilize safety measures. This includes, but is not limited to:  utilizing screening questions upon entry to the Riley County Courthouse and any off-site locations (Wareham) where the jury selection may be relocated so that adequate more physical spacing can be maintained between people.  Jurors are encouraged to bring their own masks, as a mask will have to be worn at all times unless the Judge allows fully vaccinated persons to remove their masks. PPE supplies will also be made available. The Court understands that all citizens may have varying levels of caution at this juncture of the pandemic.  If a juror has health characteristics that cause them to have an extraordinary health risk or if there is a need for ADA accommodations, please call Pam Clark, Jury Coordinator, at (785) 565-6662.  Likewise, if a juror has a conflict, and cannot appear on the summoned trial date or during the expected days of trial, please contact the Jury Coordinator immediately.  Do not delay, or wait until the day of the jury trial to advise.