The Jury System

The jury system is an important Jury Systempart of the Kansas court system. Persons accused of crimes have an absolute right to a jury trial, and parties to a civil suit may choose to have their case decided by a jury.

Jury lists are made up of names selected from voter's registration and driver's license lists. These names are placed into a computer. When a jury panel is needed, the computer is used to select a number of names at random.

Juror summonses are then sent to those persons whose names are drawn and they may be called into court to serve on a trial jury. The pay for jury service is small, but the responsibility is great.

Efforts to streamline and update the jury system are continuing, with the aim of reducing the amount that a citizen is asked to contribute to jury service.

The opportunity to serve on a jury in your local court allows you to become a better-informed, more responsible citizen, and to learn more about your courts and the law.