IRIS - Integrated Referral and Intake System

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IRIS Integrated Referral and Intake System is a community referral application. Developed by University of Kansas Center for Public Partnership and Research, IRIS is a web-based tool that helps organizations connect the families or individuals they serve to resources in their community.  Using streamlined processes and customizable forms, agencies can easily refer their clients to other agencies in the community. Agencies can receive referrals and connect clients to the right services.

  • Referrals can be tracked and followed-up in one online location to ensure that families or individuals do not fall through the cracks
  • The system is designed to assist agencies with making warm handoffs between partner agencies
  • Is HIPPA and FERPA compliant
  • No cost to participate for any community agency or family/individual being assisted by IRIS

Learn more at: or contact

Chelsea Manwarren at [email protected]