About Us - Riley County Health Department

The Riley County Health Department (RCHD) is a versatile and efficient organization that has served Riley County for more than 50 years. Our workforce of approximately 50 regular employees includes nurses, social workers, dietitians, support staff, and administrative specialists. 

RCHD is proud to be an accredited health department. Since September 2011, the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) has recognized health departments that meet national standards that ensure they provide essential public health services in their communities. PHAB Accreditation & Recognition.


Healthy People in a Healthy Community. 


Our mission is to promote and protect the health and safety of our community through evidence-based practices, prevention, and education.  We do not do this work alone. Public health includes all public, private and voluntary agencies, facilities, and organizations that contribute to the health of our community. Community partnerships are critical to address public health needs and we value and rely on these partnerships to continue our mission. 

Departments and Divisions


We are happy to serve you with expert staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and a beautiful facility. We care about your health and wellbeing and would welcome the chance to speak with you. 

Please call us at (785) 776-4779. To make an appointment, dial extension 7600.

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