Comprehensive Plan Update

Riley County is updating its Comprehensive Plan!

Request for Consultant Qualifications

The plan will represent the vision and priorities of the Riley County community. It is a long-range document used to guide growth and development.

Kansas statute mandates counties that are zoned prepare and adopt a Comprehensive Plan and to review the plan annually and update as needed. 

Review Riley County’s current Comprehensive Plan, Vision 2025.

Why update the plan?

  • The current Comprehensive Plan is 13 years old. A lot has changed since Vision 2025 was adopted in October 2009. While plans are reviewed annually as required by the state, they should be fully updated every five to ten years. 
  • The update provides the opportunity to review existing goals and priorities and make modifications based on input from the public, stakeholders, and county review and decision-making boards.
  • We will review the current designated growth areas and reassess land use inventories, update demographics, and consider new and future issues and emerging technologies. A lot of growth and development has occurred in the last decade that was contemplated in Vision 2025 that must be considered. 
  • The Board of County Commissioners has decided on 2040 as the horizon year for this update.

Why should this matter to me?

As a community’s population changes over time, so may the vision for the future, the long-term goals and priorities, and the philosophy towards county policies. The goals should align with the community’s vision. 

This is your chance to share your wants and needs for the county’s future! Your input is vital to the success of this plan.

How do I get involved?

Coming soon! 

  • Sign up for updates
  • Leave comments and share ideas

Next Steps

  • The stakeholder group will be assembled and engaged.
  • Initial community outreach will begin with public surveys.
  • The county will issue a Request for Qualifications for consultant assistance.

Riley County's Zoning and Comprehensive Plan History

  • The Riley County Planning Board was created in 1949. That same year, the Board of County Commissioners adopted a county-wide Master Plan.
  • In 1951, zoning regulations were adopted for the area surrounding the City of Manhattan.
  • County-wide zoning and subdivision regulations were adopted in 1974.
  • The County’s first official “Comprehensive Plan” was adopted in 1987.
  • Vision 2025, the county’s current Comprehensive Plan, was an update to the original 1987 plan and was adopted in October 2009.