Comprehensive Plan Update 2040

Project Background

Comprehensive planning is an important tool for counties to guide the future of land use. The comprehensive plan is a long-range document that lays out the county’s goals, objectives, and actions to guide growth and development. It is much like a roadmap to the future and tells us: 

  • Where we are now 
  • Where we want to go
  • How will we get there
  • Who will help us along the way

January 2024 Report

RCPB January 2024 CPU Report

Project Purpose

Updating the plan gives us the opportunity to review existing goals, objectives, and actions, and make changes as needed. We can also review current Designated Growth Areas, update demographics, and consider new issues and technologies that have emerged. Updates can help ensure a safe, pleasant, and economic environment for residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial, and public activities. Planning can help: 

  • Preserve important natural resources, agricultural land, and other open spaces
  • Create the opportunity for residents to participate in guiding a community’s future
  • Identify issues, stay ahead of trends, and accommodate change
  • Ensure growth makes the community better, not just bigger
  • Foster sustainable economic development
  • Ensure more efficient and cost-effective infrastructure and public services 
  • Provide an opportunity to consider future implications of today’s decisions
  • Protect property rights and values
  • Enable other public and private entities to plan their activities in harmony with the county's vision

Comprehensive Plan Committee

This group of 39 volunteer members from the community, and 11 Riley County employees, represent a variety of perspectives.

The committee will review the current plan and make recommendations based on their expertise as well as input from the community.


  • Housing
  • Health
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Economic Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Agriculture/Land Use


  • Steering Committee - first meetings in July 2023
  • Public survey - closed December 1, 2023
  • Final plan - presented to BOCC by the end of 2024
  • Next planning period - 2040

Vision 2025

Read the current comprehensive plan, Vision 2025 which was adopted in 2009.

Riley County's Zoning and Comprehensive Plan History

  • The Riley County Planning Board was created in 1949. That same year, the Board of County Commissioners adopted a county-wide Master Plan.
  • In 1951, zoning regulations were adopted for the area surrounding the City of Manhattan.
  • County-wide zoning and subdivision regulations were adopted in 1974.
  • The County’s first official “Comprehensive Plan” was adopted in 1987.
  • Vision 2025, the county’s current Comprehensive Plan, was an update to the original 1987 plan and was adopted in October 2009.