Suggested Counter-Terrorism Measures

Remember these are only effective if they are done without media or public notification. You are encouraged to share with selected business partners in your jurisdiction.

Little or No Cost Actions

  • Increase the visible security personnel presence wherever possible
  • Rearrange exterior vehicle barriers (traffic cones) to alter traffic patterns near facilities
  • Institute/increase vehicle, foot and roving security patrols
  • Implement random security guard shift changes
  • Arrange for law enforcement vehicles to be parked randomly near entrances and exits
  • Approach all illegally parked vehicles in and around facilities, question drivers and direct them to move immediately, if owner can not be identified, have vehicle towed by law enforcement
  • Limit the number of access points and strictly enforce access control procedures
  • Alter primary entrances and exits if possible
  • Implement stringent identification procedures to include conducting 100% "hands on" checks of security badges for all personnel, if badges are required
  • Remind personnel to properly display badges, if applicable, and enforce visibility
  • Require two forms of photo identification for all visitors
  • Escort all visitors entering and departing
  • X-ray packages and inspect handbags and briefcases at entry if possible
  • Validate vendor lists for all routine deliveries and repair services

Actions that May Bear Some Cost

  • Increase perimeter lighting
  • Remove vegetation in and around perimeters, maintain regularly
  • Institute a vehicle inspection program to include checking under the undercarriage of vehicles, under the hood, and in the trunk. Provide vehicle inspection training to security personnel
  • Conduct vulnerability studies focusing on physical security, structural engineering, infrastructure engineering, power, water, and air infiltration, if feasible
  • Initiate a system to enhance mail and package screening procedures (both announced and unannounced)
  • Install special locking devices on manhole covers in and around facilities