Plastic Pesticide Container Recycling

Plastic Pesticide Container Recycling Program

The Plastic Pesticide Container recycling program allows farmers and commercial applicators to recycle their plastic containers.

  • Containers must be triple rinsed in accordance with the label
  • Best if rinsed at the time you fill the sprayer and rinse water is added to the spray solution
  • Bring the empty containers to 6245 Tuttle Creek Boulevard, Manhattan
  • Arrangements can be made to have large numbers of containers picked up by calling the office at 785-539-3202 and making an appointment

The containers are then delivered to a holding area at the Pottawatomie County Weed Department where they are stored until fall when a recycling company brings a plastic container chipper to the site.

Products Made from Recycled Containers

  • pallets
  • boards
  • posts
  • parking blocks
  • picnic tables
  • park benches

Always read and follow label directions when applying herbicides and disposing of chemical containers.