Latex Paint Recycling

Free Paint

Riley County HHW has recycled latex paint to give away. The paint is packaged in five-gallon buckets and comes in a variety of colors as long as you like shades of beige and gray. 

Recycling Process

Latex paint that comes to the HHW facility for disposal is inspected to find paint that is still usable. The paint is then bulked in a 55-gallon drum, mixed and then packaged in five-gallon buckets. This allows for eleven  containers of a consistent color. Latex paint samples may be viewed on our color board at the facility.  Some of the bulked paint may not yet be packaged and you may need to return to pick up your paint after selection.  If you place a paint order and we have to call you to tell you it is now ready to pickup, we ask that you pick it up within 3 business days of our call or we will return it to the shelf to be available to the general public. We do ask that you return our 5 gallon paint buckets rinsed and clean so that we can recycle them again. We have a limit of 15 gallons of free paint, so that many people can take advantage of this program.

Oil-Based Paint Products

The HHW facility also has a selection of oil-based paint products available for recycling. These paints, stains and varnishes are in their original containers and come in containers ranging from ½ pint to one gallon in size.

Storing the Paint

The number one problem with latex paint being unusable is freezing. Since latex paint is water based, when it freezes it dries out the water carrier. When this happens, the paint is no longer usable. Remember to store latex paint where it will not freeze so that it can be used for its intended purpose.