Manhattan Events, 1900--Notes from the Manhattan Mercury

Life in Manhattan the first year of the twentieth century

January 3, 1900 - December 26, 1900

January 1900 - Small pox is found in Pottawatomie County. The Manhattan Board of Health orders all be vaccinated for small pox. By the end of February there are two cases of small pox quarantined in the Manhattan pest house.

- There is a new medical school at the University of Kansas.
- Miss Addie Beard recently had an x-ray applied to her foot by one of the College Professors. The foot was broken. (Manhattan Physicians did not have an x-ray machine for a number of years.)
- Dr. Orr presented a program of moving pictures at the Ashland School house.
- 143 licenses for marriage were issued in Riley County in 1899.

February 1900
- Dr. Denison dies.
- Coal is being mined at Cleburne. An accidental death occurs at the mine.

March 1900
- Mercury states: "We hear that a woman who wears a corset ought never to criticize a man for smoking a cigar."
- Fred Kimball writes home from Nome, Alaska.
- Harry Wareham builds a private sewer line in the City of Manhattan.
- Reverend Sheldon edits the Topeka Capital newspaper. It is discussed widely. He gave the pen he wrote his editorials with to Manhattanite Florence Beverly.

April 1900
- Andy Lewis, African American, was elected Constable.
- The Mercury reports that on April 11 seven women wore birds on their hats to church.
- The Manhattan Academy of Music opened.
- William Jennings Bryan passed through town.
- A guard was posted on the bridges to inspect Pottawatomie county residents for smallpox before they were allowed to pass.
- Pfuetze Brothers open a lumber yard at 2nd and Poyntz.(1999 3rd and Poyntz)
- Josephine Berry, College Librarian, gave a card party at the home of Dr. Perry.
- Work on the new Catholic Church at Flush commenced.
- Ellen Denison Goodnow dies.

May 1900
- The Commercial Club is organized.
- The big Dewey Barn is built at the Stockyards.
- Twenty three graduate from Manhattan High School.
- George D. Knipe steps down as Superintendent of Schools, J.E. Edgerton is hired.
- The Chemistry building at KSAC burns.

June 1900
- Judge Pipher dies.
- Brown's Military Band organized in Manhattan.
- E.R. Nichols is elected President of KSAC.
- Dr. Pepper is mentioned as being sold at Ike Holbert's restaurant.
- C.P. Dewey is going to erect three rental houses.

July 1900
- Manhattan Livestock and Sales Company formed.
- The train is sabotaged at Bala and an attempt to derail is made at Eureka Valley area.
- A man fell off the train near the Houston place and was lost for a day, but is found.
- Currie Brothers Windmill factory announces plans to move to Topeka.

August 1900
- Fire at Leonardville

 September 1900
- Dewey builds dormitory opposite northeast corner of the City Park.
- Manhattan Music Club formed, a continuation of the Derthick Club.
- George W. Higinbotham window is placed in the Episcopal Church (unveiled November 1900.)
- A statewide "Colored Rally", political meeting for African Americans, is held in Manhattan.
- A new electric clock is placed in the Union Pacific Depot.
- R.E. Lofinck builds a stone fence around his property at the N.E. corner of Juliette and Poyntz. He will build a house next year.
- The Blue Valley MFG Co. announces plans to make windmills.
- Enrollment at the college is over 800. (note: this must refer to regular college students, not special students)
- Bonds are let for the bridge across the Kansas river at Ogden.

October 1900
- The Manhattan Library Association is organized to lead plans to secure a public library.
- Governor Roosevelt spoke at the Rock Island Depot to 1,800 – 2,000 people.
- The Restroom Association is formed.

 November 1900
- Medals were given to the 20th Kansas Spanish American War veterans.
- Electric Light and Power bought the old Currie Windmill building and will move to these new quarters.
- Post Office announces that houses must be numbered for free delivery of mail and the City puts up street signs.
- Frank Amos opens a photography studio.

 December 1900
- A telephone exchange is to be put in at Riley.