Chemical Price List

NOTICE--Effective Immediately 

Due to a series of events at the international level many supply chains have been disrupted. Riley County is not immune to these supply issues and as such our chemicals we sell for cost share in the control of noxious weeds has been effected.  We continue to do everything possible to minimize the impact however consumers should expect possible price increases or out of stock supply issues.

As you plan this growing season plan accordingly and be patient as these matters get resolved and supply chains level back out.

We are currently stocked and will commence regular sales effective immediately. If you prefer to check availability please call 785-539-3202.

Thank you for the continued effort to control noxious weeds in Riley County and we look forward to seeing you this season.

Cost-Share Chemical Price List

*Cost-Share Price
Container Size Available
2,4-D Amine


2.5 gallon

2,4-D LV Ester


2.5 gallon
Tordon 22K (restricted use)


2.5 gallon


2.5 gallon
Escort XP


 8 ounce



2.5 gallon

*Cost share chemicals are sold only for control of noxious weeds and must be used in Riley County. Government entities do not qualify for cost-share pricing. Call 785-539-3202 for price information.

Buyer is responsible for pickup of chemicals ordered.

The applicators responsibility is to apply the herbicide applying to the label. THE LABEL IS THE LAW.