Community Parks

Randolph, Leonardville, Riley, Ogden and University Parks

Community Parks located in Randolph, Leonardville, Riley, Ogden and University Park have received park equipment and other improvements with funds provided by Riley County. Park funds have been used to improve sports fields, purchase playground equipment, trees, drinking fountains, benches, picnic tables, and other park equipment.

The County has helped to construct tennis courts, baseball fields, restrooms, picnic shelters, basketball courts, and landscaping improvements for the community parks in Riley County. The City of Manhattan annually receives $5,000 to $6,000 in free park services from the County for maintenance of their portion of CiCo Park. Park improvements made to the County owned portion of CiCo Park are designed to serve the Manhattan Community and the residents of Riley County.

Rules and Regulations

Contact the City offices in each community for current park reservations and use policies.

  • Leonardville: 785-293-5211
  • Ogden: 785-539-0311
  • Randolph: 785-293-5390
  • Riley: 785-485-2802
  • University Park: 785-556-0504

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