Community Parks

Many different outdoor activities exist in Riley County.  In addition to the six County Parks, five Community Parks located in Randolph, Leonardville, Riley, Ogden and University Park provide recreational activities for these areas.  Each of these Parks has its own set of diverse opportunities to provide their residents and visitors with an enjoyable and rewarding recreational experience.

These Communities constantly modify and improve their Parks to enhance the safety and participants' experience.  Some of their amenities include:  ball fields, shelters, picnic tables, swimming pools, trails, golf courses, playgrounds, disc golf and many others.  Take the short drive from Manhattan and explore and enjoy these small Community Parks.    click on the links below for directions

Community Park Amenities

Leonardville Playground

Leonardville Playground

Leonardville Gazebo

Leonardville Gazebo

Ogden Park Shelter


Ogden Park Basketball Court

Ogden Basketball Court

Randolph Playground

Randolph City Park

Randolph Gazebo

Randolph Gazebo

Riley Pool

Riley Pool

Riley Tennis and Bball Courts

Riley Tennis Court

Contact the City offices in each community for current park reservations and use policies. 

Leonardville: 785-293-5211

Ogden: 785-539-0311

Randolph: 785-293-5390

Riley: 785-485-2802

University Park: 785-556-0504                                                                                                          

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