Building Permits

At the present time, Riley County does not have building codes. However, all zoning districts require building permits, including the Agricultural District, to determine proper zoning, setbacks and sanitary code compliance.

New House

A building permit is required prior to the start of construction, reconstruction, remodeling, relocation, addition, or change of use of any building or structure in Riley County, except a building permit is not required for any building less than 49 square feet in area, any building or structure constructed on land owned by the United States government, nor any building or structure owned by Kansas State University or the State of Kansas. 

Examples of structures are decks, storage containers, portable structures, grain bins and in-ground swimming pools. Manufactured homes located outside of a mobile home park are required to be placed on a permanent foundation and require a building permit.

Building permits are not required for driveways, fences or sidewalks.

A separate building permit is required for each category; however, if a principal structure and an accessory structure are constructed simultaneously, the total fee (pdf) for the two permits shall be $50 above the permit fee for the principal structure. In the event construction is commenced prior to the issuance of a building permit, the permit fee shall be doubled to compensate for the direct costs and additional staff costs involved in enforcement activities. 

Residential Dwelling: Site Built, Modular or Shouse

Residential Dwelling: Manufactured Home

Accessory or Agricultural Accessory Building

Additions-Remodel-Swimming Pool-Deck-Porch

Commercial-Industrial Building

In the planning stages of your project, if there will be any plumbing involved, remodeling or enlarging to add additional bedrooms(s) or if the septic loading within the structure will be increased, please contact the Environmental Health located in the Planning & Development Department, to verify if the septic system is sized correctly.

Commercial, non-residential (industrial or place of assembly), multi-family, or agritourism facility projects, please contact the Riley County Fire District #1 at 785-537-6333 in the early stages of the planning process to discuss fire code compliance. Code compliance approval documentation will be required before processing a Permit to Build Application.

The fees (pdf) for a building permit are as follows:

Residential Principal Structure.......................................$150
Commercial/Industrial Principal Structure......................$225
Residential Addition/Accessory Structure.......................$150
Commercial/Ind Addition/Accessory Structure................$225

Fees doubled if construction commences prior to issuance of a building permit.

More information can be found in the Guide to Building (pdf) and
Building Setback Requirements (pdf).