Rate Schedule

Riley County Solid Waste Facility*

Type of Waste Price Per Ton Minimum Charge
Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) $55 $13.75 (500 pounds or less)
Commercial Brush $10 $5 (1,000 pounds or less)
Residential Brush No Charge  
Grass, Leaves, Straw & Hay No Charge  
Type of Waste Description Price/Unit
Appliances   $55 /ton $13.75(500 lbs. or less)
CFC's Any Appliances or Equipment brought for disposal without prior certification of CFC removal Charged additional $10/Unit CFC removal fee
Tires Small Passenger Cars & Small Trucks $4.00 / tire
  Medium Semi Trucks $8.00 / tire
  Large Farm Tractors $17.00 / tire
  With Rims Additional $5.00 / tire

Material Distributed

Type of Material Price Per Ton Minimum Charge
Compost $20 / ton $10 (1,000 pounds or less)
*Rates as of August 1, 2015.