Committee Members

2021 SWMC Members

Representatives from the City of Manhattan

  1. Betty Book
  2. Josh Brewer
  3. Casey Smithson
  4. Judy Willingham
  5. Adrian Self

Representative from Third Class Cities

1. David Shover

Representative from the Unincorporated area of Riley County

1. Dennis Peterson

Recycling Coordinator

1. Amanda Smeller

Representative from the General Public

1. William Spiegel

Representative from Citizen Organization

1. Fran Zerby

Representative from Private Industry

1. Charly Pottorff

Representative from Private Solid Waste Management Industry

1. David Kreller

Representative from Private Recycling or Scrap Material Processing Industry

1. Greg Wilson

Members At Large:

  1. Steve Galitzer, Chairman
  2. Kathryn Focke
  3. John Ellerman
  4. Perry Piper
  5. Michael Boller
  6. Gary Rosewicz