File a Plat

This is a basic checklist on what MUST be included on the original plat in order to be recorded, per KSA 12-40, KSA 12-402, KSA 12-403.

All plats must be on mylar or some material of archival quality. Blueline paper is not acceptable.

  1. Legal description of platted area
  2. Owner's Certificate and signature(s). (Owners listed must be same as deed)
  3. Notary certificate or acknowledgement. (All owners signatures must be acknowledged)
  4. Surveyor's Certificate, with signature and seal
  5. Review certificate by second surveyor
  6. Dedication of public streets, alleys and easements, etc. (found in Owner's Certificate)
  7. City or County Attorney's Certificate and signature
  8. Signature of City or County Commissioner
  9. County or City Clerk's Certificate, attesting with signature and seal
  10. City or County Planning Board signatures
  11. Copy of paid tax receipt

Fee Schedule

$32 per page