Armed Forces Memorial Advisory Board


Meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis.


  • David Ekart
  • Karla Johnson
  • Mike Kearns


The Armed Forces Memorial Advisory Board was established to maintain contact with the community for ideas to further improve the Armed Forces Memorial area located outside the Riley County Courthouse on Poyntz and present these ideas to the Riley County Commissioners for approval. The Advisory Board promotes the continued sale of bricks as well as coordinates the engraving and setting of the bricks for the memorial. The bricks are engraved twice a year for Memorial Day and for Veterans Day. The bricks can be purchased for $75.00 at the Riley County Clerk's Office, 110 Courthouse Plaza, Manhattan, KS 66502, 537-6300.

Armed Forces War Memorial Brick Form

Riley County Armed Forces Memorial Committee

Citizens of Manhattan and Riley County are reminded that twice a year names of Veterans and loved ones are placed in the patio area of the Riley County Armed Forces Memorial. 

The cost is $75 for 3 lines with up to 14 characters or spaces per line. You may place your order for a brick at the Riley County Clerk’s Office in the Riley County Office Building, 110 Courthouse Plaza.

Names to be added in time for Veterans Day must be received by October and names to be added in time for Memorial Day must be received by April/early May to allow time for engraving of the bricks. Make plans to participate in this year’s Veteran’s Day activities in November.