Riley County Park Advisory Board


Meetings will be held at 7 p.m. the second Tuesday of the month in March, June, September, and December each year.  Other special meetings can be held as needed. The general public is invited to attend all park advisory board meetings.


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The Riley County Park Advisory Board consists of representatives from the following organizations or agencies:

  • Fairmont Community - Joe Edmunds, Chair
  • City of Riley - Alan Brown, Vice Chair
  • City of Randolph - Janie Dunstan
  • City of Ogden - Kenneth Carroll
  • Riley County Extension Council Chair - Linda Teener
  • Riley County Fair Board Chair - Josh Wendland
  • City of Leonardville - Deandra Anderson
  • Township Officers Chair - Galen Hofmann
  • City of Manhattan - Mike Roediger
  • 3 Representatives at large - Hannah Fehr, Gary Olds, vacant
  • Keats Community - Dan Troyer
  • University Park - Curt Friedrich
  • Zeandale - Randy James


  • Director of Public Works - John Ellermann
  • Park Manager - David Willis
  • Extension Director - Gary Fike
  • Agriculture Agent - Gregg Eyestone


The County Park Board is responsible for:

  • Evaluating county park needs
  • Developing a plan to meet those needs
  • Establishing priorities for park improvements
  • Recommending the allocation of money from the park budget for funding the requested community park improvements

Local Park Boards

The County Park Advisory Board is appointed by the Commission to make recommendations concerning park improvements in Riley County.  Local city governments are responsible for maintaining all improvements or facilities funded by the county for their community. Each organization or agency will be asked to recommend an appointee to the County Commission to represent their group on the advisory board when a vacancy occurs.

Funding Sources

Initially, the County Commission enacted legal provisions under K.S.A. 19-2801, 19-2802, and 19-2803, to levy ad valorem taxes up to 0.5 mil, for the improvement of park and recreational facilities in the cities of Leonardville, Manhattan, Ogden, Riley, and the rural areas of Riley County. Funds are now budgeted each year in the general fund. A variety of grants, gifts and agreements to cost-share with other agencies provide additional funds for some projects.

Appointments to the Board

The Riley County Clerk will assist the County Commission with maintenance of the Park Advisory Board membership roster. If a member is appointed as a representative from the Extension Council, Fair Board, or Township Officers Association, their appointment to the park board will coincide with their term on the other boards. The County Clerk will annually review the membership roster to renew or request new representatives for appointment by the County Commission.