Floodplain Information


What is a Floodplain?

A floodplain means the area adjoining a watercourse at or below the water surface elevation associated with the base flood that has been or hereafter may be covered by the base flood. 

A floodplain is represented by large floods known to have occurred and characteristics of what can be statistically expected to occur on an average frequency of once every 100 years and have water surface elevations equal to those filed with and made a part of the Official Floodplain Maps.

Flood Insurance Information

Cheaper Flood Insurance (pdf) - 5 ways to lower the cost of your flood insurance premium

Do I need a Floodplain Development Permit (pdf) (FDP)?

Do I need a Floodplain Development Permit (pdf) in order to build in the floodplain? Yes.

Application for Floodplain Development Permit (pdf)

A FIRMette is a full-scale section of a FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) that you create yourself online by selecting the desired area from an image of a Flood Insurance Rate Map. The FIRMette also includes the map title block, north arrow, and scale bar. There is no charge for making a FIRMette. Because a FIRMette is a full-scale section of an official FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map, it can be used in all aspects of the NFIP, including floodplain management, flood insurance, and enforcement of mandatory flood insurance purchase requirements.

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