Flint Hills Joint Land Use Study (JLUS)

The Flint Hills Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is the outcome of a collaborative planning effort among the local governments of Clay, Geary and Riley Counties; the cities of Grandview Plaza, Junction City, Manhattan, Milford, Ogden, Wakefield and Riley; and Fort Riley representatives in an effort to increase awareness of growth and development plans and issues in the areas around Fort Riley.

Fort Riley Noise Contour Map

A JLUS was conducted for Fort Riley in 2005; however, since that time, major changes in the mission and operating environment have occurred. The restationing of the 1st Infantry Division to Fort Riley lead to a significant increase in personnel, training hours, and number and type of training missions. Population growth in Junction City and Manhattan as well as major business development increased the potential for land use conflict. Both Fort Riley and the Flint Hills Region are positioned for continued future growth — the JLUS will assist in ensuring the growth is compatible with one another.

2017 JLUS

The 2017 JLUS will serve as an update to the previous 2005 study. It will build on the existing JLUS; provide updated information including changes on base and off; conduct a compatibility analysis; update and revise recommendations; and provide a detailed implementation plan. The compatibility analysis will include an analysis of 24 factors organized based on development factors, people factors, and natural resource factors. The analysis is aimed at finding a balance or compromise between military and community needs so both can grow successfully.

Community Involvement

The community plays a crucial role in drafting the study. Community input provides varying perspectives and differing opinions to ensure the plan is well-rounded and encompassing of the community. In order to effectively gather input, a variety of public engagement opportunities will be provided throughout the process.

JLUS Results

The JLUS will result in a set of recommendations and guidelines for both the military and community stakeholders to promote compatible development, increase base security, and build relationships among Fort Riley, Riley County, Geary County, Clay County, and the cities of Junction City, Grandview Plaza, Clay Center, Wakefield, Ogden, Riley, Milford and Manhattan.

The proposed recommendations and guidelines will reduce potential conflicts between military installations and surrounding areas while accommodating new growth and economic development, sustaining economic vitality, protecting public health and safety, and protecting the operational missions of the installation. The JLUS will use the recommendations to create an implementation plan. It will provide a strategy to implement the recommendations, identify the key parties responsible, the time frame and the estimated fee range. The implementation is the key to the process that promotes capability and defends against encroachment.

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