The Committee 

Vision 2025
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Riley County VISION 2025 Committee Charge:

1. Examine the relationship between private property and the furtherance of public health, safety and general welfare; 

2. Determine the appropriate balance of private property rights and the public good and develop principles that will be used to make decisions regarding future land use in Riley; 

3. Using these principles, make specific recommendations to the Riley County Planning Board and the Board of County Commissioners regarding the following: 

  • Goals and objectives for future land use in Riley County considering the recent VISION 2025 survey results and other pertinent information;
  •  The proper mix (i.e. amount and location, etc.) of land uses in the rural areas over the next 20 years; 
  • Zoning and subdivision regulation changes and other implementation strategies needed to accomplish the determinations made above.


The process of creating the new Plan began in 2005 with a series of informational meetings and accompanying public opinion surveys conducted by the Riley County Planning & Development Department. Vision 2025 Survey Results- February 2006 (pdf)

Subsequent to the initial meetings, the Riley County Board of Commissioners, with support from the Riley County Planning Board, formed a VISION 2025 Committee to provide specific recommendations on updating the Plan. The Committee membership list and the exact charge (pdf) to the Committee from the County Commissioners are listed on the side panel. Summaries of the Committee meetings, public comments received throughout the process, and articles, including a study guide (pdf) on property rights reviewed by the Committee, can all be found on this site.

Implementation of Vision 2025 

To implement the recommendations in the Vision 2025 plan, amendments to the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations were drafted. The draft of the regulations was presented at various work sessions with the Riley County Planning Board and the Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board and public input meetings at two locations within the County. The regulations were approved at public hearings before the Riley County Planning Board and the Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board and were finalized by adoption by the Riley County Board of Commissioners at a public hearing on May 21, 2012.


Blue Valley-Randolph School District
Curt Friedrich
Citizen-at-large appointed by each Commissioner (Kearns)
Tom VanSlyke
City of Leonardville
Jim Olson
City of Ogden
Wayne Henson
City of Riley
Pete Jackson
Mike Hill
Farmer/rancher appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (Johnson)
Charles Zeller
Farmer/rancher appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (Newsome)
Diane Hoobler
Farmer/rancher appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (Kearns)
Jon Howe
Flint Hills Audubon Society
Jacque Staats
Kansas Livestock Association-Riley County Committee
Joe Mertz
League of Women Voters
Linda Morse
Manhattan Area Builders Association
Kirk Hoke
Manhattan Realtors Association
Jerry Weis
Nature Conservancy
John Strickler
Riley County Conservation District
Nathan Larson
Riley County Farm Bureau
Mark Scott
Riley County Farm Bureau
Vinton Visser
Riley County Fish & Game Association
Chris Hunter
Riley County Livestock Association
Tom Link
Riley County School District
Dan Russell
Sand & Gravel Industry
Neil Horton
Township Officers Association
Central County representative
Ralph Wahl
Township Officers Association
North county representative
Terry Henry
Township Officers Association
South county representative
Tom Finney