Remote Access Subscription Service

Have you ever considered having 154 years of real estate records at your fingertips? The Riley County Register of Deeds office is offering these records by remote access through a subscription based service which allows the user to obtain the information needed from the convenience of their home or office.

This service includes:

  • Immediate access to all land records dating back to 1853
  • Access to all land records which includes images of land           indexes and documents
  • Ability to search land/ownership records
  • Ability to print copies
  • Images of more than 1176 plated subdivisions

To get started, you will need:

  • A pre-paid copy fee account
  • A contract and account authorization form
  • An internet connection of at least 256kbps upload and             512kbps download speed are recommended for optimum         search and display results

The charges for this service are:

  • $200 per year licensing fee
  • $0.75 per page for copies

For additional information on how you can subscribe, please contact the Riley County Register of Deeds office or e-mail us.