Rocky Ford Outdoor Recreation Area

Rocky Ford Park is located at 1986 Mill Rd., on the west side of the Blue River adjacent to the KDWP Rocky Ford fishing area.  The park consist of a parking lot, viewing platform, bench, interpretivew signs, and landing for access to the bank of the Blue River.

The Rocky Ford site was used as a river crossing, the natural flat rock bottom made the crossing safe under normal water conditions.  This ford was used by pioneers for many years.  Rocky Ford became an important crossing on the Military Trail that carried supplies and men between Fort Leavenworth on the Missouri River and Fort Riley.  The dam at Rocky Ford was built in 1908.  The old flour/grist mill building was converted into a power plant by installing three water turbines in 1909.

The Rocky Ford area has been a favorite spot for family outings, fishing and sightseeing through the years.

Rocky Ford R and R Sign
Rocky Ford Satelite Map

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RockyFord Landing Bench Sign

Historical Site


Rocky Ford Dam