Motor Vehicle

Riley County Motor Vehicle Department is proud to introduce our new virtual line system!

Entering the Virtual Queue

QLess allows Riley County to provide excellent customer service that will eliminate the need for citizens to wait around for extended periods. Citizens enter the virtual queue one of three ways:

  • Clicking "Reserve Now" on this page on this page from your computer or mobile device
  • Texting "Riley Co Treasurer" to 785-914-5164
  • Registering at the QLess monitor at the Treasurer's Office

Depending on your business, you will enter one of the four lines:

1.  Motor Vehicle Renewal and Titles
3.  Driver's License
4.  Commercial Vehicle
5.  Tax Payments

Please Note: The Title and Registration, Driver's License, and the Commercial Vehicle queue closes at 4:30 pm daily.

Get In Line at Motor Vehicle

Reserve your spot

The "Wait"

Once you have entered the appropriate line, you will receive a confirmation text message. Updates about your estimated wait time will be sent to your phone and you will be notified a few minutes before you reach the front of the line. No need to wait at the office; you can spend the time enjoying Downtown Manhattan, running other errands or however you like! When it is your turn, you will receive a text and one of our clerks will assist you.