Citizen Complaints

Riley County recognizes that its employees are responsible for their conduct when interacting with the citizens of our county, as well as with the overall community. It is essential that the County's relationship with the public is built on confidence and trust.

Filing A Complaint

As a citizen, if you believe you have been mistreated or you have witnessed inappropriate behavior by a Riley County employee, you have a right to express dissatisfaction. You should submit a citizen complaint form to ensure that a complete and proper investigation is conducted.

Complaint Resolution

 Riley County adheres to a policy of investigating all allegations of misconduct or complaints regarding employees of the County. The goal of the County is to ensure that objectivity, fairness, and consistency is provided by a thorough impartial investigation and/or review of your complaint.

All complaints are resolved as soon as possible. Written complaints are forwarded to the appropriate Department Head. During the course of the investigation, the Department Head or his/her designee will notify you concerning the status of your complaint. The Department Head will notify you of the findings of the investigation by letter. However, the County cannot discuss any individual personnel actions that may result from your complaint.

**Please note: To file a complaint concerning employees or services provided by the Riley County Police Department, Riley County District Court, or Riley County Extension please utilize the corresponding entities’ complaint procedures.**