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Online Tax Payments

Pay Taxes Here

  • Pay property taxes at by E-Check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal Credit, or Discover. There is a $1.50 charge for E-Check and 2.5% service charge for credit card payments (minimum fee $2.95).
  • New Features
    • PayPal Credit will allow you to spread your tax payment over six installments
    • Sign up for an account and link your taxpayer IDs to receive alerts regarding new tax bills


  1. What you will need
    • Your Tax Statement
    • Method of payment 
  2. Visit
  3. Read the disclaimer and either accept or decline.
  4. If you accept, search for your tax record by entering the name of the property owner, Taxpayer ID, CAMA ID, or address.
  5. After you enter the information, click the blue search button to see the tax record. 
  6. Then, click the green shopping cart icon to add the tax bill to your cart or click VIEW to see additional information.
    • Confirm the amount you wish to pay, then select Secure Checkout.
    • Note, you will be asked to confirm Intangible Value (from your tax statement) when trying to pay an Intangible Tax Statement.
  7. Enter your payment information and complete the transaction.
  8. Print the receipt for your records. 

Your payment will be processed by Riley County on the next business day and will show as paid on the website two business days later.

More Payment Options

  • Pay taxes in person

    • You can pay taxes in person at the Treasurer's Office or send a check by mail to: Riley County Treasurer, 110 Courthouse Plaza, Manhattan, KS 66502
  • Pay taxes by phone 785-377-5385 

Online Property Tax Search

Taxpayers can look up current year and prior year real estate tax information by using the Online Property Tax Search provided by the Treasurer's office. Taxes may be looked up by using the following information:

  • Owner Name
  • Address
  • Taxing Unit and Parcel ID
    • Taxing Unit must be 3 numbers
    • Parcel ID must by 10 numbers

There is a two day lag in the posting of payments. Please call the Treasurer's office if you have questions as to whether a tax is paid.

Note: This stie does not provide interest and penalties on delinquent taxes. Please call the Treasurer's office for your final payoff information 785-537-6320