Riley County Appraiser

What's Happening

The Riley County Appraiser's Office is has completed on-site inspections related to building permits and conducting Payment Under Protest appeals concerning the 2023 valuation. The 2024 analysis phase is complete, and appraisers have finalized the valuations for 2024. Notifications for Real Property valuations will be sent out February 23, 2024. 

Read more about the 2024 Change in Valuation Notices

Riley County Parcel Search

Visit the Parcel Search Page and click the Parcel Search Public link to read the disclaimer, then find your property value information. The 2024 Valuation information will be available on this site starting Monday, February 26, 2024.

Pro tip: Less is more when using Parcel Search. If you don't find results with your last name or full address, try typing the partial address or simply the address number, then choose from the list. You can view details, current and previous values, property images, and more.

Personal Property

On Friday, December 29th, 2023, Personal Property renditions were sent out. Please note that these notices serve as summaries of the personal property we have on record and are not bills. According to K.S.A 79-306, all taxpayers owning personal property must sign and return the rendition to the Appraiser’s Office before March 15th to avoid penalties outlined in K.S.A. 79-1422. To facilitate the process, a postage-paid envelope has been included with the rendition for your convenience.

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Property Taxes

The work we do is really just the starting point for the development of each year’s property taxes. Once we certify our values to the County Clerk’s Office, they, in turn, calculate an assessed valuation for all taxing units, calculate mill levies and certify the tax roll to the Treasurer’s Office.

The Treasurer’s Office then mails property tax bills, processes payments of the property taxes and distributes the collected funds to the appropriate local units of government, school districts and state government.

While our work can be stressful and sometimes controversial, the values we provide are very important in maintaining fairness and equity in the property tax system!

What We Do

In general terms, the Appraiser’s Office must value all real estate and taxable personal property (business equipment, mobile homes, trucks, trailers, non-highway vehicles, watercraft, ATV’s, mopeds, golf carts, oil wells, etc.) in the county each year. 

In Riley County, that means we value more than 24,000 real estate parcels totaling over $9.6 billion and 3,400 personal property accounts totaling over $55 million. The resulting values are used in the calculation of property taxes for each property.

The values we choose are the result of an annual appraisal cycle consisting of on-site property reviews, analysis of property sales, collection of market data, market studies and statistical analysis.  

Our cycle starts immediately after certification of the current year’s values (May/June) and ends once we have held property appeals and certified values to the County Clerk’s Office (May/June the next year). 

In addition to setting values for all real estate and taxable personal property, our office holds real estate and personal property appeals each year. Typically, that means over 700 Informal hearings, 20 to 30 Small Claims hearings and 15 to 20 Board of Tax Appeals hearings. The Informal hearings are held in our office by our appraisers, while the Small Claims and Board of Tax Appeals hearings are more formal courtroom-type hearings