Real Estate

Riley County, Kansas is comprised of over 26,000 real estate parcels. It is the Appraiser's responsibility to appraise these parcels at market value and place them on the tax rolls.

Most of the information contained in our office is open to the public except sales and income information. 

Services and Fees

Property information requested from our office by the property owner is free of charge. All other requests are subject to a fee for copies, maps and services.

Open Records Request Form (pdf)

Request a PRC (Property Record Card)

Real Estate Values

Property values may now be obtained online via Parcel Search or by contacting the Appraiser's Office. Values may also be obtained from the GIS Website or the Manhattan Mercury's Website.

Appraiser's Office Forms:


Income & Expense Questionnaire Apartments & Duplexes

Income & Expense Questionnaire Mixed Use or Downtown Row Properties

Income & Expense Questionnaire Office-Restaurants-Retail-Warehouse

Income & Expense Questionnaire Self-Storage Units

Income & Expense Questionnaire Hotels/Motels